10 of the oldest talk shows of all time


Since the creation of television, talk shows have been a staple of networks. They may not be the the most worthy shows of the frenzy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t attract large audiences and loyal fan bases. Part of their appeal comes from the revolving door of guests who appear on shows to promote their latest projects.

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As talk shows have evolved, it can be argued that the hosts themselves have become increasingly important to the talk shows themselves. While late-night talk show hosts change from time to time, daytime talk show hosts remain the same, unless their show is canceled, allowing them to shape the show in their own creation.

ten The Ellen DeGeneres Show – 18 Seasons

Elle DeGeneres on the Set of The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Prior to hosting her own daytime talk show, Ellen DeGeneres was a comic book and also appeared on television and in movies. The Ellen DeGeneres Show debuted in September 2003 and is currently in his 18th season starting in 2020, with two additional seasons guaranteed.

Although the talk show was the recent subject of controversy, the show is loved by many and won 61 Daytime Emmy Awards during its broadcast. Not only does Ellen attract amazing guests, but her show stands out from the crowd because of the wacky games she plays with guests and audience members, and she always makes sure her guest interviews are memorable.

9 Jimmy Kimmel Live – 19 seasons

Jimmy Kimmel welcomes Jimmy Kimmel Live!

But Jimmy Kimmel Live is one of the newest late night talk shows on the air, it holds the record for being ABC’s longest running late night talk show of all time. The series is hosted by comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who took over in April 2007.

Like most late-night shows, Kimmel begins his show with a monologue before interviewing the various guests for the evening. Some of Kimmel’s notable segments include celebs reading mean tweets about themselves and his annual Halloween candy segment in which parents pretend to eat their kids’ Halloween candy.

8 The Late Late Show – 23 seasons

James Cordon hosting The Late Late Show

The late show first premiered on CBS in January 1995 with Tom Synder as the host. In 1999, Synder was replaced by Craig Kilborn, who was later replaced in 2005 by Craig Ferguson. In 2015, the series got their fourth and current host when they hired James Cordon to take over.

Cordon brought something new to the late night genre by having shorter monologues that allow him more time to broadcast pre-filmed skits, like his hit Carpool Karaoke. In addition, Cordon conducts his interviews with everyone at the same time, instead of having guests appear one at a time.

7 The view – 24 seasons

Current hosts of The View

Created by Barbara Walters in 1997, View has been on ABC for 23 seasons and it continues. The daytime talk show features a group of co-hosts that vary from season to season. Notable co-hosts have included Meredith Vieria, Joy Behar, Whoopie Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell.

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Like many talk shows, View welcomes guests who are interviewed by some or all of the female co-hosts. Additionally, the show became known for its “Hot Topics” segment, in which women comment on everything from entertainment to political news.

6 The Oprah Winfrey Show – 25 Seasons

Oprah on the set of her talk show The Oprah Winfrey Show

We cannot talk about talk shows without mentioning the the legacy of Oprah Winfrey. Winfrey created and produced his own talk show The Oprah Winfrey Show from 1986. The Oprah Winfrey Show was on the air for 25 seasons before Oprah decided to end her reign in May 2011. Although the show hasn’t aired for over a decade, it remains one of the talk shows. highest rated daylight of all time.

Not only did the show feature interviews with talented guests, it also regularly featured educational segments, book clubs, and of course, its famous giveaway segments. Seeing that Oprah was one of the hottest shows on the air, being in the public meant following pretty strict rules.

5 Larry King Live – 25 seasons

Larry King hosting Larry King Live

Larry King Live found its way onto CNN, where it aired from 1985 to 2010, spanning 20 seasons and over 6,000 episodes. Unlike other talk shows, which also include skits and other gimmicks to gain viewers, Larry King has stayed true to his radio roots and focused his show on actual interviews.

His methods paid off because Larry King Live became the most watched and longest running show on CNN. Over his 20 historic seasons, King has interviewed several iconic people, including an interview with Paul McCartney and Ringo Star in 2007, Marlon Brando in 1994 and even Lady Gaga in 2010.

4 The Late Show – 27 Seasons

Stephen Colbert hosting The Late Show

The late show debuted in August 1993 on CBS with David Letterman as the host. Letterman had previously hosted Late at night with on NBC before moving networks to host CBS’s flagship late-night show. Letterman retired in 2015 and was replaced by Stephen Colbert, who had become a household name thanks to The daily show and The Colbert report.

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The show has managed to garner praise from fans and critics alike. During Letterman’s tenure, The late show won six Primetime Emmy Wards. When Colbert took over from Letterman, the series focused more on politics, thanks to Colbert’s track record. However, the change of subjects seems to be working since the show has been the best late-night series in the past four years.

3 Live – 33 seasons

Regis and Kelly host Live With ...

Live has an interesting history in the world of daytime talk shows. The series began in 1983 under the name The morning show, with Regis Philbin and Cyndy Garvey as the show’s hosts. The series did not become Live until 1988 when Garvey was replaced by Kathie Lee and the name was changed. Since then, the name of the series has changed to reflect the different hosts of the show, with the most recent iteration being: Live with Kelly and Ryan.

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Live became a staple of daytime television and won a Daytime Emmy for Top Two Outstanding Talk Show and Talk Show Host. In addition to discussing the latest news and interviewing guests, the show features regular theme weeks, such as Guinness World Record Breaker Week and Broadway Week.

2 Late at night – 38 seasons

Seth Meyers hosts Late Night With Seth Meyers

Late at night began his historic late-night talk show in 1982 with David Letterman as the show’s original creator and host. When Letterman moved to CBS, Conan O’Brien took over and was the host until 2009. From 2009 to 2014, Jimmy Fallon called Late at night at home until his promotion. Currently, SNL old students Seth Meyers hosts Late at night.

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Which makes Late at night The special thing is that each host was able to shape the show according to their interests, allowing fans to be not only fans of the show, but also the hosts themselves. While Meyers’ version of the show is more traditional, his show can be differentiated from the rest due to his more “cluttered” desk, which includes a mug and a handmade “Stefon” doll reminiscent of his SNL “husband.”

1 Tonight’s Show – 66 Seasons

Jimmy Fallon hosts The Tonight Show

Beginning in 1954, Tonight’s show is currently the longest-running late-night talk show of all time, with 66+ seasons. Over the years the series has had six hosts, with Steve Allen kicking off followed by Jack Paar (1957-62), Johnny Carson (1962-92), Jay Leno (1992-2009, 2010- 2014), Conan O ‘Brien (2009-2010), and since 2014, the host is Jimmy Fallon.

Not only is Tonight’s show longest-running talk show of all time, but it’s also the longest-running NBC show of all time. While the show struggled during O’Brien’s tenure, it managed to be one of the top-rated late-night talk shows season after season. Each host has brought something new to Tonight’s show Fallon’s latest contributions being his Hashtag and Thank You Notes segments.

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