AFL 2021: Warren Tredrea quits Channel 9 sports news over vaccination policy

Port Adelaide legend Warren Tredrea has mysteriously disappeared from Nine News. Now he is left with an uncertain future.

Port Adelaide legend Warren Tredrea has been a notable absentee from Channel 9 Adelaide’s news broadcasts this week after the station introduced a new Covid-19 vaccination policy.

It comes after Channel 9 introduced a dual vaccination mandate for everyone across all of its sites nationwide.

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Tredrea was replaced by sportswriter Tom Rehn on the 5 and 6 p.m. bulletin broadcasts, with Tredrea missing back-to-back evenings.

Tredrea and Nine declined to comment on Adelaide The advertiser.

Tredrea, a four-time All-Australian who played all 255 games of his AFL career for the Power, including as captain of the team’s premiership team in 2004, had previously described himself as “pro-choice” when it comes to Covid vaccinations.

It has now been revealed that Tredrea made the quick decision to take time off.

The Adrtiser reports that Tredrea’s future is under a cloud. A spokesperson for Nine told the newspaper that Tredrea immediately went on vacation.

“Warren has elected to take time off, which is not unusual for our news, sports and weather presenters as we enter the unranked summer period,” the spokesperson said.

“This year, it suited Warren to start his leave earlier.”

The report details that Tredrea has engaged legal representation and discussions with station attorneys regarding the new vaccination policy are still ongoing.

Tredrea has worked for Nine Adelaide since 2013 and was also a regular guest and expert commentator on radio station FIVEaa for the AFL season.

Speaking on the radio station earlier this year, Tredrea said he believed in everyone’s right to make their own choice.

“No I’m not, I’m fully vaccinated…but I’m not vaccinated against Covid,” he said in September. “Everyone has a right to what they want to do because it’s your body.”

Speaking about the double vaccination mandate for AFL players, he also said: “It is everyone’s situation and choice. So if a player doesn’t want to do it, that’s fine, it’s his decision. You shouldn’t be able to lose your job.

The AFL’s policy is essentially no shots, no play as unvaccinated players will not be able to go to club or AFL premises, including to train or play, unless they do not have a league-approved medical exemption.

Tredrea also called the vaccine “discriminatory” because certain religious and age groups cannot get vaccinated and said it should be “a confidential right” and people should be able to “make their own choice and their own duties”. ”

A spokesperson for Nine told The Advertiser that “the health and safety of our staff and the continuity of operations” were behind the new vaccination policy.

“As such, we are working to implement processes in our workplaces to ensure that we have positive confirmation of vaccination status for all who come to our sites across the country from December 1st in order to to ensure we are operating within the relevant health regulations,” the spokesperson said.

Rehn spoke about FIVEaa’s breakfast with David Penberthy and Will Goodings and said he hoped Tredrea would return to the office.

It came after the hosts said they hoped Tredrea would ‘come to her senses and get bitten’.

“It was a weird day, for sure,” Rehn said.

“Warren is someone I consider a very close friend and a great person to work with. I hope he’s there,

“As far as I know he is on leave at the moment, he was due to leave very soon anyway. Hope we see him again, he is a class A person, a fantastic guy to work with and a great team player.

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