At $ 3,900, is this 2000 Jeep Cherokee a good sport?

Good price or no dice 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport

While the sport utility category has apparently been around forever, the idea that one is in fact a sport model, as is the case today Good price or no dice Cherokee, seems a bit of a stretch. Let’s see how exaggerated its asking price is.

In 1979, the Ford Motor Company launched the slogan “Built Ford Tough” as the philosophy it intended his embody trucks. Those three simple words make a bold statement, and, if the company’s products did not live up to this proclamation, the tagline could easily have been turned into a parody.

the 1994 Ford Bronco we considered that yesterday was everyone’s appearances “Built Ford Tough” like not even one good wear and tear on the east coast roads could shut up. What might, however, was the seller’s asking price of $ 6,500. By your accounts, it was too much for the Bronco to bear, and he fell into a 78 percent loss without the dice. I guess youe’re all built hard jalop.

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Rust seems to be a big deal killer for most of us. Perhaps it is the intimidating prospect of the weld and the bodywork that repairs ooften require. These are magical skills to have, but unless you do it all the time, it’s going to be frustrating. challenge to learn as you go.

today 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport is offered in Los Angeles, and like a wonder Albert Hammond once smooth was humming, it never rains in California. This means no salt on the roads (although we love it on our pretzels at Dodger Stadium) and therefore no rust in the body.

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The truck shows evidence of its 170,000 miles in the paint, however. It is to expose a good sunburn in the clear coat and a general dullness of the gray below. It all works together to give the Jeep a patina that some may find off-putting while others wouldn’t care in the slightest.

The factory alloy rims support and appear to be in excellent shape. Aside of a strange discoloration on the front bumper and the rub strips, the bodywork above all looks straight and solid.

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Inside, things look a lot better. The glove box door fit is a bit wobbly but since this is a Chrysler product, who is to say that it does not come from the factory like that? All the rest of the gray plastics and fabric covers appear to be in Decemberent form and even the leather wrapping on the steering wheel seems to have held up over the years and miles.

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According to the ad, the truck comes with the 4.0 six and this one is supported by a four-speed automatic transmission. The seller says the Jeep “runs and drives great” and has current labels and a title proper. What it doesn’t have is the ability to take on some very serious off-road work since this Cherokee is rear-wheel drive only. The space where the 4X4 Edition’s shifter would normally sit is occupied by a coin purse and while this is convenient it will not pull get out of a ditch.

Of course, it is offered in Southern California where the 4×4 is about as necessary as an umbrella in everyday life. Plus, with 2WD you get a simpler, easier to maintain wagon with better on-road performance and fuel economy. Sounds like pretty decent tradeoffs.

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What we need to decide is whether or not this 2WD Jeep is worth $ 3,900 in hard-earned cash. That’s the demand, which is on the low end for a decent Cherokee, but then you’ll have to factor in the tired paintwork and the fact that only two wheels are available to do the job.

What are you saying, does this Cherokee appear to be worth the requested $ 3,900 as featured in the ad? Or, do the cons outweigh the pros and extras?

You decide!

Los Angeles, California, Craigslist, where to go here if the ad disappears.

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