Battlefield 6 trailer and online play footage … again


Even more footage and screenshots from the upcoming Battlefield 6 shooter have appeared online, giving fans a taste of the potential trailer.

New batch of leaks for EA released Battlefield 6 have appeared online, giving fans more of what appears to be the game’s trailer ahead of its impending reveal in June.

As reported by VG247, a new Imgur Album was released which compiles all the screenshots discovered over the past week, as well as some never-before-seen footage, which shares a style consistent with previous leaks. The screenshots, which feature a diagonal black bar intersecting the center, are apparently captured in close-up sequence – suggesting that the still images are from the game trailer. The black stripe in the center of the images is presumably to block a watermark. . Additionally, the still images seem to give an approximation of what the game title looks like. Based on the images, the upcoming game might just be called Battlefield.

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The leaked footage features shootouts, fighting, explosions, and what appears to be coastal or island scenery for the game’s trailer. What appears to be a still image of the game’s HUD (heads-up display) is also featured. Some of the images focus on a rocket in the background, which subsequently crashes and explodes.

Another trailer found on TIC Tac is made up of various scenes from the past Battlefield games, technical demos from Unreal Engine and footage from an indie shooter WWII 3. However, in addition to the cut-and-paste material from other sources, the video contains two clips that may be from the upcoming title. A brief clip shows a five-player squad with footage from the game’s HUD, which matches previous leaks. The second clip shows the in-game perspective of the EDOG273 robot dog scanning the environment, with the same HUD seen in the previous footage.

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TikTok user @ _ranger_danger_1997 posted another follow-up video, aimed at “people who said it was wrong,” which shows the potential Battlelog for the upcoming game, previewing the “Tanegashima Launch card. Site “, corresponding to the still images of the previous flight from an island destination. When the user tries to join the server, he is disconnected shortly after, with the words “Unable to join the server, our technical service is working on it, it should work soon …” appearing as an error message.

The game, which marks the sixth entry in the series released by Electronic Arts, is currently in development by DICE and is expected to use a new engine that features significant updates to better utilize the current power of PC hardware and consoles. new generation. .

A tweet from Battlefield 6 Twitter account teased that the trailer is coming in a month that rhymes with ‘soon’, hinting at June, so we can expect an official reveal to happen then.

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Source: Imgur, TIC Tac, VG247

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