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SketchFab, the leading 3D content site, has a brand new owner: Epic Games, creators of the gaming juggernaut Fortnite. The goal is ambitious, with the company seeking to create an interconnected, accessible and open metaverse. He wants to give creators the ability to grow the ecosystem without paperwork, with a community ready to give talented 3D artists the chance to realize their potential.

Epic Games believe the future of gaming lies in 3D, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR). It’s clear that the traditional 2D gaming experience has a lifespan, and with this move, the gaming giant clearly wants to be ahead of its competition.

What does SketchFab do?

SketchFab is a community for 3D content creators, where users can upload their 3D scans to a thriving market. For some people, this is a huge chunk of their income, with many selling their scans for over $ 1,000 a month.

It has also led to some fantastic opportunities for some people, including a designer who was hired by Tesla from Elon Musk. One of the company’s staff saw their work, was impressed, and quickly asked the creator to 3D scan all of Tesla’s new electric car models.

SketchFab already has a strong team, a dedicated user base, and a website with plenty of room to grow. It’s also out-of-the-box for a community space, giving Epic Games the tools to empower creators around the world.

Epic Games will be one of the first to the party, giving customers access to 3D models for all of their customers. This gives the company the opportunity to fully build a strong community ahead of its competitors.

Epic Games, longtime critics of the Apple Store and what they consider unfair practices, have lived up to their reputation for thinking about gamers. Store fees at SketchFab, for example, have been drastically reduced from 30% to 12%.

This is obviously not just a charity movement, however. The company is clearly trying to build its community at a rapid pace. Watch this space, as Epic Games could become synonymous with 3D / AR / VR.

Why is this movement important?

Epic Games has overwhelmingly emphasized the importance of 3D technology in games. It is the future, undoubtedly. With millions of players logging in to play every day, there is already a huge market out there. And he’s growing at a frightening rate; Virtual reality and augmented reality will dominate the market for years to come, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by improved 3D technology.

But first, it’s worth pointing out that 3D modeling has bled into “other” gaming industries – online gaming. Casinos, always fast in terms of technology, are developing to offer more realistic gameplay. As consumers move further and further away from land-based establishments, 3D models now provide the perfect opportunity to deliver the closest thing to a real experience. And soon, a full adaptation to virtual reality will follow – meaning that various games like roulette or slots and those in-person meetings with players and a dealer will move from on-screen 3D models (now ubiquitous) to models. difficult to distinguish. real from virtual. It sounds pretty epic (just like the game studio).

As we mentioned, traditional table games like roulette, for example, have received a lot of 3D treatment – you can see it yourself around every corner. You can find great examples on websites like Arabian Betting, which are dedicated to providing in-depth knowledge about online casinos. Here you can not only learn the main concepts needed to play online roulette, but will also be shown with examples of roulette games modeled in 3D. In addition to having options to try establishments offering a high gaming experience.

3D is paving the way for virtual reality and augmented reality – fast. That being said, VR is no longer a novelty, an add-on with one more promise, but ultimately disappointing and not corresponding to the best of 2D gameplay. It is now a legitimate contender for the must-play option.

Probably the most popular VR gaming option right now is the Oculus Quest 2. Games like Half-Life: Alyx and Star Wars: Squadrons give you a really fun experience, rather than just “something different”.

When it comes to AR, the best-known option is Pokémon Go. It brings the popular game into the physical world, giving smartphone users access to their favorite characters, mixing them with real life. The objective of the player is to hunt Pokémon in their own cities, giving them the opportunity to explore new places.

Perhaps Pokémon Go’s coolest way to bring people together is an occasion where more 3000 people were at Santa Monica Pier in California at 1 a.m. They were all there to hunt a rare Pokémon. Can you imagine the possibilities?

The advantage of augmented reality over virtual reality is that most people already have a smartphone with the necessary hardware. They don’t need to buy anything more, no expensive Oculus Rift, just the device you use every day. This is why the technology has enormous potential and could be the main gaming option in the very near future.

The future is now

People have been talking about virtual reality and 3D technology for decades. But it’s really happening now, becoming that next-level experience that the ’80s movies made look like sci-fi.

Movies like Tron and Ready Player One seemed a bit far-fetched when released, perhaps decades later, but lifelike virtual reality using superior 3D technology is not so far.

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