Charity Profile: Supporting the island’s motorsports industry

We would like to highlight lesser known charities in the Isle of Man.

After the past two years of trying to stay afloat during a global pandemic, we’re sure local charities would love some extra support.

Our next charity is the Rob Vine Fund (Charity 954).

The fund provides medical/rescue equipment and training for doctors, paramedics and others at Manx motorsport events – i.e. all TT races and Billown Course, Jurby Motodrome, Onchan stockcars, enduros, car rallies , etc

We spoke to Secretary and Director Dr David Stevens MBE to find out more about their work.

After Rob Vine lost his life racing in the 1985 TT Senior Race, I set up a Hospital Gift Account to fund the purposes listed above.

In 2005, when I retired as a Noble Consultant, the registered charity was created.

We are now supplying equipment worth £250,000 for Manx events, excluding the value of the three Phil Hogg rescue ambulances.

All of this equipment must be updated at an annual cost of £25,000 to comply with current best medical practice.

What has been your greatest achievement or your greatest pride since your training?

To be able to make all of our medical equipment available for use by DHSC and provide our Hogg Motorsport medical technicians to cover the duties of the ambulance service.

The ‘proudest moment’ for me personally was receiving an MBE from the Queen in 2003 for ‘Services to Motorsport Medicine in the Isle of Man’.

What is your biggest ambition/goal for the future?

To replenish the charity’s reserves, having lost around £150,000 over the past two years due to the loss of most motorsport events to Covid-19.

How can people get involved?

Rob Vine Fund’s Hogg Motorsport is looking for new recruits to work as volunteers with our three ambulances and all 17 crew members providing medical cover at many of Manx’s motorsport events.

You will need to be: over the age of 18, preferably already involved in motorsport in some way and hold an occupational first aid certificate and a clean driving licence.

For more information, contact Dr Stevens anytime on 628999 or email your CV to [email protected]

Our HQ is at the Hoggery in Noble’s Park which used to be The Cattery.

Our website has a donation page with different ways to donate, at: www.

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