Chennai: 13 year old boy cleans Rs 12 lakh from home to play online games; the father files a complaint with the police


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  • The boy and his three friends spent money on Free Fire, an online video game.
  • The boy’s father filed a complaint with JJ Nagar’s police.
  • An investigation into the case is ongoing, police said.

Chennai: A Chennai-based businessman filed a complaint with the police, claiming his 13-year-old son stole around Rs 12 lakh from their home to play an online game.

The complainant, a resident of Nolambur, said his 13-year-old son, a Grade 8 student, and his three friends – all 13 years old – used to play an online video game in a bathroom. exhibition of the district. Recently he discovered that around Rs 12 lakh was missing from his locker. Her son, when questioned, admitted to stealing the money over a period of one year.

The businessman’s son said he and his friends gave an employee at the neighborhood gadget showroom money to top up their accounts to play Free Fire, an online video game . Subsequently, the businessman filed a complaint with JJ Nagar Police Station, according to a report by The time of India.

“The businessman approached JJ Nagar’s police who questioned the other three boys as well as the showroom employee. The teenagers told the police that each time they did not receive more than Rs 500 from the son of the businessman. A team led by Inspector JJ Nagar has again interviewed the businessman’s son and is conducting further investigations to see if more people were involved in the case, the report released by YOU declared.

In a similar incident, a 17-year-old online gambling addict is said to have siphoned off 7.5 lakh of rupees from the bank account of a 76-year-old doctor based in Chennai. The teenager spent money on new smartphones and premium packs of online games.

Police said the 17-year-old accused used to help the elderly doctor use his gadgets. He has already taken the doctor’s debit card details while helping him complete an online transaction. He then bought premium packs of online games during the pandemic-induced lockdown. He also bought smartphones worth around Rs 30,000 for his friends as he wanted to play online games with them.

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