Chris Eubank Jr claims the backstage encounter with Conor Benn at the Sport Industry Awards was arranged

Chris Eubank Jr has claimed he was framed after a recent encounter with Conor Benn at the Sport Industry Awards on Saturday night.

Briton’s Sons boxing legends Chris Eubank Sr. and Nigel Benn have long been linked in a crossover fight that would easily shatter the box office, despite currently being separated by two weight classes.

He revealed he was about to present the ‘Young Agency of the Year’ award, which was won by agency The Space Between, when he bumped into Benn backstage.

However, he immediately knew something was wrong, as he insisted there was no way their meeting could have happened simply by accident.

Eubank told iFL TV: “Yeah, we had a little chat.

“I think they set it up, someone sneakily set it up.

“Amazing that we are both backstage, both presenting awards at the exact same time.

“And that the sports awards, whoever’s handling this, they’re lucky I’m not an idiot.

Chris Eubank Jr and Conor Benn crossed paths at the Sport Industry Awards

“And they don’t know I’m not an idiot, and they don’t know he’s not an idiot.”

Eubank also revealed his concerns that things could have gotten out of hand pretty quickly if they hadn’t handled things like mature, responsible adults, and accused Benn of being “a hothead”.

He added: “I mean, it’s a hothead.

“If I say something stupid, it’s okay, you know, but I’m not stupid.

“If I’m pushed, yeah [I could react], but I’m not going to push anyone. I won’t push anyone for no reason – for gaining weight or for an Instagram video.

“It could have easily started at the award ceremony, just before we were about to take the stage.”

When asked if he could reveal the details of their conversation, he replied: “Nothing, he came up to me, shook my hand.

“He asked me about the Canelo fight, it was a small talk.

“He was talking to someone else for a second and I was thinking about everything that had been said in the last two months and I started laughing.

“He said, ‘What are you smiling at?

“I said, ‘Listen, me and you can make a lot of money in the future. He said during the fight that he was 20 pounds heavier than he was.

“He was basically trying to say he could fight physically, the weight difference wouldn’t be a problem.”

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