Dad Films Little Boy Screaming Curses At Friend On Online Video Game


A little boy was caught on camera by his father shouting word for word against opposing players with whom he apparently had some sort of disagreement.

It’s awesome profanity for a kid with such a high-pitched voice

he’s a dead man of The children are fucking

Lord, this is aggressive behavior. Granted, I’m screaming about Tetris 99 on my Nintendo Switch like this, but I’m an adult. I am allowed to use horrible curses and react to unimportant things in such an immature way that it shames me and those who know me. It’s just common sense.

Either way, this kid’s swear words on video games are awesome. Bad language is really bad language. You have f-bombs, p-words, s-words. All the bad words. It is a quality jar mouth.

The child’s father thought so too. He recorded his child’s madness and posted it on the TikTok social media app. Like the rest of us, her father couldn’t help but laugh.

Maybe little kids should play video games less?

Perhaps the funniest part of this video is that the kid was playing Roblox, which in my opinion is not as competitive as, say, the Fortnite game. It’s not a high stakes thing. Also, Roblox apparently doesn’t have a chat feature like most XBox and Playstation games, so it looks like this kid was on the phone with a friend who was yelling that stuff. In other words, he went out of his way to yell at this kid.

It is all just wonderfully hilarious. Young children curse themselves, using words they have learned but barely understand while watching Twitch or YouTube videos. This kid definitely needs some downtime in front of the screen, but too bad if I don’t appreciate his work.

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