Do Facebook and Instagram Really Ban “Sexual” Emojis?


Is Facebook really limiting the use of sexually suggestive emoji on its platforms? Yes, but the answer – as always – is more complex than it appears.

Reports emerged this month, initially from an adult industry news website called XBIZ, that the Mark Zuckerberg-led recently updated its community standards with new restrictions on the use of emojis, suggesting it could negatively impact sex workers.

The backup guidelines, apparently updated in September, cover both Facebook and the popular image-focused app. Instagram, falling under a “Sexual solicitation” Politics.

Since the first XBIZ report, some tabloids have moved the story forward using headlines that seem to suggest that there will now be an outright ban on the use of sexually suggestive emoji, which has become a second language on the Internet.

This is not exactly the case, although the wording of the social media guidelines remains quite broad.

To violate the policy, a user’s message must meet two criteria: it must contain an “offer or request” [ie. asking for sex, asking for nudes or asking for explicit chats] alongside “suggestive elements”, including “context-specific and generally sexual emoji or emoji strings”.

Suggestive elements also include “images of actual individuals with nakedness covered by human parts, objects or digital obstruction, including long shots of fully nude backgrounds” and “references or depictions of sexual activity such as: sex roles, sex positions, fetish scenarios, state of arousal, act of intercourse or sexual activity (sexual penetration or self-pleasure). ”

The first criterion has an impact on publications that offer or request “implicitly or indirectly” sexual material. Indirect requests include posts that provide a separate method of contact, representatives said.

If the material is found to be breaking the rules, it could be cleaned off the platform. It’s not entirely clear now that Facebook is scanning the website for offensive content, but is likely using the mix of human moderators, user reporting, and automation already in place.

Essentially, sex emoji like eggplant, peach, and tongues aren’t banned entirely on platforms, but they are be restricted when displayed next to a sexual “request”. For free videos check out bazoocam

“[Content] will only be removed if it contains a sex emoji alongside an implied or indirect request for nude pictures, sex or sex partners, or sex chat conversations. We don’t just act on emoji, ”said a spokesperson for the Facebook company. Newsweek.

This will not affect all users, but a consequence of the policy can mean that anyone using accounts for sex work or pornography could be affected. For example, the posting of nude images with emoji covering the genitals can now be reported. Gizmodo previously reported how the social network’s algorithms potentially expose the identities of sex workers.

Facebook says it restricts language that “may lead to solicitation because certain audiences within our global community may be sensitive to this type of content and this may prevent people from connecting with their friends and the community to the senses. large.”

In a statement prior to Daily update, a spokesperson for the company confirmed the changes, but also said its application of the policy was already well in effect.

The spokesperson said: “We are posting these changes on our community standards site so that our community is aware. With this update, nothing has changed in terms of the policy itself or the way which we apply it, we just updated the language to make it clearer to our community. ”

The rules work alongside the existing adult nudity and sexual activity policy, which prohibits the display of visible genitals, actual or implied sex, erections and extreme fetishes.

This message from a disposable account remains online, for the time being.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talks about the new Facebook News feature at the Paley Center For Media on October 25, 2019 in New York City.
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