Doha Hosts Spectacular Outdoor AIPS Sport Media Awards Ceremony

In a glittering open-air ceremony, Doha hosted the 4th annual AIPS Sport Media Awards at the iconic Khalifa International Stadium (KIS) on Sunday.

Sheikh Faisal bin Ahmed Al Thani, Chairman of Qatar’s Sports Media Committee, joined AIPS President Giannin Merlo and dozens of other dignitaries on a stage on the playing surface of the most revered sports venue from Qatar, where young and senior sports journalists were rewarded for their move. photos, stories and documentaries.

Saad Al Romaihi, President of the Qatar Press Center, was also present.

The winners in each of the senior categories took home $8,000 as first prize while the second and third nominees got riched with $3,000 and $2,000 respectively.

The top three young reporters (in photography, writing and broadcasting) received trophies and a scholarship for a major international sporting event to be held this year.

“I would like to thank Sheikh Faisal bin Ahmed Al Thani for welcoming us to this magnificent arena,” Merlo said in one of his many speeches at the ceremony last night. “Without him, we couldn’t be here tonight. I hope everyone here has seen what young journalists are capable of. The past year has been a big one for sports fans, athletes and the media world.

“These photos (pointing to the screen on the stage) are from the Tokyo Olympics last year. These are the photos from the silent Olympics. There were no fans (in the stands). There were good photographers who silently reminded us of their great work because people will remember it. We have to look to the future,” he added.

“Sport is part of our lives. It (sport) helps us talk together. It helps build bridges. We have to applaud people who cover the sport in their own style and bring it to the world,” he added.

“I once again thank Sheikh Faisal and the Qatar Sports Press Committee for hosting us for the 4th edition of the AIPS Sport Media Awards. I thank everyone who is present here. I hope we can have this show again. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees. Next year the prizes will go to Greece and then to Paris,” added Merlo.

“Our association organizes many Young Reporters Programs to show them the way. This is the path we started in 2016, when we decided to invest in culture. Our commitment is to keep the sport clean, and our only possibility is to build bridges,” Merlo said.

During the ceremony on Sunday, Sheikh Faisal said: “Qatar is proud to have hosted the AIPS family for these awards. I congratulate all the winners tonight. I commend them for their hard work. We have young journalists who work hard and tell us incredible stories through their work.

About thirty journalists from Serbia, the United States, China, France, Australia, Algeria, Brazil, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Iran, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, from Italy, Uganda and Ghana were awarded for their media reporting.