Gambling customers arrested in a restaurant


Plainclothes police surround seated players during a raid on a restaurant in Lam Luk Ka neighborhood in Pathum Thani on Wednesday evening. Twelve people, including the restaurant owner and the gambling operator, were arrested. (Photo: Pongpat Wongyala)

PATHUM THANI: Twelve people were caught gambling when police raided a restaurant in Lam Luk Ka district in Pathum Thani on Wednesday evening.

Police entered the Oud Lam Luk Ka restaurant in tambon Bueng Kham Phroi around 11:30 p.m., led by Pol Maj Gen Chayut Marayat, Police Chief of Pathum Thani.

Twelve people were arrested and 15 sets of dice, other gaming equipment and 3,500 baht in cash were seized from a table. There were also bills for food and drink.

The owner, Therdphan Konnard, and a woman who allegedly admitted to running the gambling operation, Atchra Sorin, 30, were among the 12 people arrested. All were taken to Lam Luk Ka Police Station for legal action.

Pol Maj Gen Chayut said the raid followed reports that the restaurant was used for gambling and that the owner was allowing patrons to eat and drink inside the premises in violation of the advertisements under the Law on the control of communicable diseases.

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