Logan Paul announces Schwarzenegger slap fight (VIDEO) – RT Sport News

Logan Paul will host the upcoming Slap Fighting Championship with action star Arnold Schwarzenegger on March 5, the YouTuber has announced.

Rookie boxer Paul, who was last seen in the ring taking on the great Floyd Mayweather 50-0 in an exhibition bout in June, made the announcement via his social media channels where he has 28 .5 million combined subscribers after also sharing the news on his podcast. with former California Governor Schwarzenegger.

Confirming that he would be hosting the Fanmio event alongside Schwarzenegger at his annual Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival in Columbus, and providing information on when and where to watch it, Paul added: “It’s gonna be f****n’ crazy,” on Twitter and Instagram.

Paul’s promotional video featured highlights from past Slap Fighting Championship events, including knockouts and crowd reactions.

Workout clips of some fighters smashing watermelons with their open hands and lifting tires were also present, and Paul told USA Today elsewhere that he liked “absurdity” of sports.

“I love the idea that two guys can stand across from each other and slap each other and see who goes down first. It’s hilarious to me,” Paul added.

“It’s like, how is this a real event? What the fuck sport?” He asked.

“I know we’re going to have a great time watching the slapping competition as long as we don’t get slapped,” says Schwarzenegger.

Slap fights began in Russia in 2019 when an event in Krasnoyarsk saw winner Vasiliy Kamotskiy scoop a 30,000 ruble ($380) prize.

The event Paul and Schwarzenegger are set to host will feature super heavyweight Dawid ‘Zales’ Zalewski, who last October slapped former strongman Artur ‘Walus’ Walczak so hard it left Walczak with a brain injury which he would later die at the age of 46.

Another highlight of the card is 370-pound Koa ‘Da Crazy Hawaiian’ Viernes, who is a former American football player, boxer and wrestler, and Fanmio CEO Solomon Engel said the goal of the episode “is to get maximum visibility for the sport and what we do.”

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