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  • The company is working on the launch of more than 50 international products, all featuring a famous character.
  • With the Spanish, Colombian and Portuguese Celebrity series, famous personalities will also be presented in Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Denmark.
  • MGA Games reveals its agreement with Recreativos Franco to distribute several of its most international and iconic products, such as Santa Fe and Gnomos.
  • In 2022, MGA Games will also launch “Magic Red Roulette”, an online version of the popular land-based game currently installed in more than 6,000 locations around the world.

Today, MGA games presented its strategic plan for 2022, a roadmap marking the company’s path to become the international benchmark for the production and distribution of localized slot games for global operators. A plan that includes: the launch of more than 50 products next year, international strategic alliances, global exclusivity agreements, promotional actions, localized and imported territorial ground rules, and much more.

Joan sanahuja, founder and CEO of MGA Games, opened the second edition of the online event MGA Games Day by welcoming participants to the new offices of MGA Games in the province of Barcelona – “A space that enhances the values ​​and DNA of our company: innovation, professionalism, vocation of service and teamwork. Joan also noted that “at MGA Games, we will work to demonstrate that regulated gaming is both safe and successful, and we will equip all of our operators with advanced tools and the best localized content”.

José Antonio Giacomelli, Managing Director of MGA Games, presented the new products planned for 2022 and everything the company has prepared to help operators continue to grow with their products.

The plan for next year is to create and certify more than 50 international titles with world-class IP (Intellectual Property), as we did this year with celebrities Paolo Futre and Sylvia Geersen. In addition, with the Spanish, Colombian and Portuguese Celebrity series, we will also bring famous personalities to Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Denmark.

“We have taken the product a step further with games such as Golden Throne, The Last Gladiator and Cleopatra, and our strategy is to locate all the games for each of the markets that we are going to enter,” said Giacomelli.

In 2021, MGA Games arrives in Portugal, where they have signed agreements with 75% of the operators and where the Portuguese Celebrities such as Paulo Futre, Anna Catharina, Chef Jackal, among others, are already live with one of the main operators, Pokerstars.

According to Sara Gómez, Sales Manager of MGA Games, the next destination is the Netherlands, “where we have everything ready for the launch with Microgaming, Pariplay, Oryx and Leander, among others. In parallel, we are also working on the necessary documentation to bring the MGA Games product to Italy, where agreements have already been signed with 5 major operators. We are also working to achieve the same for Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

“We will work with the strategy that has helped us so well to be successful in Spain and will continue our expansion by replicating this success in all regulated countries of Europe, starting with the certification of more than 30 games for these new jurisdictions”, a Sara said. Gomez

All this without forgetting the Spanish market where MGA Games has established itself as the leading content provider with more than 95% of national online casinos offering their slot machines. In 2022, the company will strengthen its commitment to the national market with 26 New 3-Roll Spanish Celebrity Products, compared to 18 in 2021. And are delighted to present new celebrities such as Eugenio, Poli Díaz, Sevilla and Mario Vaquerizo, among many others.

Another part of the product strategy presented at MGA Games Day was the marketing of the new table game, the “Big Croupier Roulette”, with its own 3D engine, and whose first international versions will feature 5 well-known celebrities digitally recreated.

The launch of “The magic red roulette” was also announced. Originally developed by the SMI company, manufacturer of the terrestrial version, and currently installed in more than 6,000 locations around the world, this roulette game will be available online via the MGA Games platform.

“With these two games and all the additional versions that we have prepared, we are sure that our international roulette line will be an ideal complement for casino operators,” said José Antonio Giacomelli.

During the session, MGA Games also revealed one of the collaboration agreements that will come to fruition in 2022 with the company. Franco Recreational, which recently merged with the Orenes Group. This alliance will allow MGA Games to exclusively distribute six of its iconic and most international land products: Gnomes, Santa Fe, Neopolis, RF Angels, Bowling and Burlesque.

The MGA Games account management team, in charge of personalized customer service, and represented by BElen Serano and Gerard Martinez, presented the actions and promotions that the company will carry out from next year. Actions centralized via the new website, which the company has designed as a practical and useful tool for operators.

In the last part of MGA Games Day, Roberto Ayala, The R&D Director of MGA Games and his team explained in more detail the expansion of the slot machine games catalog with Megaways – an efficient international product. MGA Games will personalize the game with its celebrities and include it in its 5-reel casino slots offering.

The day ended with the thanks of Joan sanahuja, who said: “At MGA Games, we continue to innovate and put the user at the center of everything we develop. I couldn’t be more proud of our games and our team who, with their effort and enthusiasm, made it all possible.

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