Nevada regulator to discuss licensing of online casino games


May 13, Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) will hold an in-person and virtual working session, with public commentary, on proposed changes to its gaming regulations that would allow operators to offer a wide range of online casino products rather than being limited in poker.

Important changes

Nevada currently bans almost all forms of internet gambling and is one of five states that does not have a lottery or participate in interstate lottery games. The exceptions being sports betting, including esports, and online poker, which have been operating in Nevada since 2013.

However, that may soon change as the NGCB has proposed a series of amendments to Regulation 5A, which is state law dealing with interactive gaming. The regulator wants to expand the state’s gambling offerings to include online casino games, such as slots, blackjack, roulette.

Overall, the NGC is proposing to change its current rules as follows:

– Removal of provisions restricting interactive games to the game of poker

– Wider definition of “peer-to-peer” and “non-peer-to-peer” games

– Creation of a statewide list of individuals who have self-excluded from participating in iGaming

– Make several changes to what should be displayed on an operator’s website, player registration, personal information collection and record keeping, etc.

It’s time

After decades of discussions, the NGCB finally invited the state’s public to comment on the proposed amendments on May 13, and it is high time.

Several factors have prompted Nevada to consider adding online games. The fact that state gaming revenue fell to a 24-year low in 2020 and the number of states across the country have successfully introduced online gaming. Most notably, New Jersey recorded approximately $ 1 billion in online gaming revenue in 2020.

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