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The Nuggets finished the regular season 13-5 in games without injured star Jamal Murray and still managed to improve their playoff standings.

Don’t count punters as anything that impressed.

There are seven teams with a better chance of winning the NBA Finals compared to the Nuggets, according to at least three Friday morning sportsbooks. The odds for Denver to win the title are +2500 on Betfred, +3000 on DraftKings and +3300 on PointsBet. Below is the probability of eliminating the Nuggets from the playoffs, according to BetMGM.

Loses in the first round: -120

Loser in the conference semi-finals: +135

Loser in the conference final: +800

Loser in the NBA Finals: +1800

Five favorites to win the championship

Brooklyn fillets: Bookies have a lot of faith in the chemistry of the first season of superstars Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving. Stock odds: +240.

Los Angeles Lakers: LeBron James and Anthony Davis are both in good health after facing injury issues. Bad news for the rest of the league. Stock odds: +375

Los Angeles Clippers: Doc Rivers’ side are just too talented on paper not to compete for a championship. Don’t say that to the 2020 Nuggets. Title odds: +600

The Philadelphia 76ers: Joel Embiid, alongside Nikola Jokic, has arguably the second best MVP CV this season. But he missed time due to a knee injury. Stock odds: +750

Utah Jazz: Despite the NBA’s best regular season record (52-20), and possibly defensive player of the year Rudy Gobert, the Jazz are not considered the playoff favorites. Stock odds: +750

* Odds via BetMGM on Friday morning

Round one series odds


– N ° 1 Jazz (to be determined) vs N ° 8 Grizzlies / Warriors (to be determined)

– N ° 7 Lakers (-120) against N ° 2 Suns (+125)

– N ° 6 Blazers (-120) against Nuggets N ° 3 (+100)

– N ° 4 Clippers (-375) against N ° 5 Mavericks (+300)


– N ° 1 Sixers (-1000) against N ° 8 Wizards (+650)

– N ° 2 Nets (-1100) vs N ° 7 Celtics (+700)

– N ° 3 Bucks (-275) vs N ° 6 Heat (+225)

– N ° 5 Hawks (-120) against N ° 4 Knicks (+100)

* Odds via BetMGM on Friday morning

Five accessory bets to watch out for

Come back kings. The Nuggets had a penchant last season to fall behind in a series to come back and win (see: Jazz, Clippers). puts its odds at +325 for another series victory against the Trail Blazers.

For the long term. Denver has played four of its five series in seven games over the past two seasons. Could it happen again? puts the four most likely results against the Blazers in at least six games. The favorite is a 4-3 Nuggets win (+400), followed by a 4-2 Blazers win (+450), a Denver 4-2 (+450) result and a 4- slugfest. 3 from Portland (+500).

Clean slate. The odds are not likely for a quick Blazers-Nuggets streak. BetMGM has an odds of +650 for a winner to advance in just four games. Portland has +1,200 to win in four, while Denver has +1,400 to win.

Big Honey pours it over. Nuggets center Nikola Jokic averaged 26.4 points in the regular season. If you bet on him to score the most points in the first round, the Joker is at +100. The favorite, however, is Damian Lillard of Portland, who averages 28.8 points, at -125. Looking for a bigger shot in the long run? How about Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr. at +2,200 or Blazers’ Carmelo Anthony at a whopping +25,000.

There can only be one. The Nuggets are a bit far to win it all. But if they do, there’s a good chance Jokic will be named the Finals MVP. BetMGM has it with the 14th best odds at +3,500. Favorite? LeBron James of the Lakers at +450.

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