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Gaming performance can drop when a busy network results in high latency. To avoid this problem, Optus launched a home internet plan specifically designed for gamers, with a whole host of features that the company says helps solve congestion issues in households where multiple devices are used.

Known as the Optus Internet Gamer 100 plan, Optus says it includes unlimited data, 100MB download speeds (estimated between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.), a dedicated Wi-Fi 6 gaming router that prioritizes gaming traffic and a six-month trial of the company’s game. Path service.

Game Path is a service that optimizes the gaming experience on the corporate network. In October of last year, when it launched, Optus claimed it could reduce latency, jitter, and packet loss for PC gamers outside the home by creating an optimal path to the server.

Until now, avid gamers had to add it to their existing plans, which they can still do, but now they also have the option of integrating it into a dedicated player plan that includes a few extra bonuses to improve the game. player experience. As part of expanding this service as part of its new plan, Optus will now make the benefits of Game Path available to console and casual gamers inside the home, including tablet gamers and mobile devices.

The Optus Internet Gamer 100 plan also comes with some nifty hardware. Optus customers who register will also receive a specialized gaming modem as part of their registration package. For this, Optus is teaming up with Asus to deliver their DSL-AX5400. This modem includes a dual band WiFi6 router which Asus claims is capable of download speeds of up to 5400 Mbs.

The DSL-AX5400 also includes several traffic prioritization features to reduce congestion at home and prioritize the player’s connection to the server above all else. These include access to the 5Ghz frequency band and optional Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) to unlock more bandwidth for data. The modem also allows users to select and prioritize devices to increase their connectivity speeds and prevent them from competing for bandwidth with other devices.

Creating a plan dedicated to gamers is a first among telecom operators. Telstra also offers an add-on gaming service, Game Optimize, which prioritizes traffic and avoids lag spikes for gamers on its Telstra network, but Optus has upped the stakes by offering gamers more than just add-ons.

the Optus Internet Gamer 100 package Also comes with OS Fitness on the Optus Sport app which allows users to access fitness and sports content, like live videos of yoga instructors. It’s available by subscription from Optus for AU $ 89 per month for the first six months and then for AU $ 99 per month thereafter.

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