Origami Paddler is making waves in the water sports industry

Less than two years ago, the co-founders Tim Niemier and Paul Hoy came together in the midst of a pandemic to pitch their idea on Starter – the Origami Paddler, the world’s first foldable kayak and stand up paddle in one. The Kickstarter campaign was an almost instant success, with $3.8 million in pledges on Kickstarter in August 2020. Origami Paddler was the most successful Kickstarter campaign in the personal watercraft industry and the 27th most successful campaign ever to that time.

The company’s mission is to get “A billion cigarette butts in boats on clean water!” Origami Paddler believes in innovation and continually strives to stand out from the competition. Their new partnership with Ocean Legacy, a non-profit organization based in Canada, allows Origami Paddler to do something that has never been done before – turning plastic waste from the ocean into parts and accessories for their boats.

Asked about the new partnership, the CEO of Origami Paddler, Tim Niemiersaid: “For nearly 40 years I have worked to innovate water sports and introduced millions to the water. Being in the water makes people realize the importance of having clean and healthy oceans and beaches As a business owner and a human being, I feel it is my responsibility to help make our paddling environment cleaner than when we first started paddling there. This partnership is great as it makes recycling commercially profitable which means it can be economically sustainable.I am delighted to support the collection of plastic waste from our beaches which could be recycled into paddles or other items for use by paddlers who love the water they paddle in.

Together, Ocean Legacy and Origami Paddler plan to make a splash in the water sports industry but also in the marine environment!

To put your butt in a boat, go to origamipaddler.com, the only place to buy. You can also invest in the future of Origami Paddler by visiting invest.origamipaddler.com.

Tim Niemiera south California native, is a world renowned boat sculptor and the founder of Ocean Kayak. Paul Hoywho calls the north California home, is an experienced business coach and creator of the Mind Sequencing Program. Together they bring a wide variety of skills and a plethora of experience and expertise, not to mention a savvy sense of humor.

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