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New Club Loan Limits

The term “loan army” will be obsolete due to FIFA’s revised loan regulations. The new rules will take effect on July 1 to promote young players and minimize stockpiling, which is common among larger clubs throughout the world. Visit one of the trusted lender online by going to Citrus logo to apply and learn more about other loan options.

Many steps will be taken to achieve this, including the need for loan terms to be explicitly disclosed in writing, including the duration and financial circumstances. This will almost certainly end situations like the one involving Leeds United and RB Leipzig over Jean-Kevin Augustin.

Leeds United was obligated to purchase Augustin if promoted to the Premier League in this situation. However, since the season concluded late because of COVID, Leeds did not pay to make the transfer permanent. This is even after the transaction was intended to be finalized by June 30. Due to RB Leipzig’s claim for compensation, the saga is now in the hands of FIFA and attorneys, although they might have avoided it with a properly structured agreement based on the objectives achieved rather than the date.

After a two-year delay caused by the pandemic, FIFA is now ready to impose limits on the number of players clubs can send and take on loan overseas. Unveiled on Thursday, FIFA’s ideas aim to prevent wealthy clubs from hoarding players they’ve signed, stimulate youthful talent development, and improve competitive balance in soccer.

However, the restrictions, which will take effect in July, are limited in scope – players under the age of 21 are excluded from FIFA’s rules — and will require more cooperation from national soccer federations to pass.


In the 2022-23 season, clubs will be limited to eight players loaned in and eight players loaned out at any given moment. The quotas will be reduced to seven in the following season and to six in the following season after July 1, 2024.

Clubs will also be limited in the number of transactions they can make with a preferred trade partner in another country: three players in, three players out with the same club at any given time.

Short-term contracts should also be prohibited. 

The minimum loan time will be two transfer windows (usually January and June-August during the European offseason), with a maximum period of one year. Sub-loans of players who have previously been sent out on loan will be prohibited.