Sport Industry Group appoints new CEO

Sport Industry Group has revealed a change in leadership, as current CEO Alex Coulson steps down from his dual role to engage full-time as CEO of National Student Esports (NSE), while the former CEO Spotify general Dylan Pugh will now lead the Sport Industry Group team. .

Coulson, who has led the Sport Industry Group for the past seven years, will continue to play an advisory role, but will focus on NSE, the official body of college esport and the largest community of soccer players in the UK. United.

In his place, Dylan Pugh joins the company after recently joining parent company Benchmark to lead the newly formed Sports Podcast Awards, which are designed to unite the global sports podcast community.

Pugh previously worked at Spotify, before leaving in 2020 to start his own podcast editor, Pomodo. Since early 2021, he has spearheaded the Sports Podcast Awards, which are now part of the Sport Industry Group. Prior to working at Spotify, where he was responsible for podcast monetization, Pugh held executive positions in several media and tech organizations and is a former professional rugby player, having represented Wales Seven.

The announcement comes after the successful return of the 2021 Sport Industry Awards, which saw the industry’s biggest party of the year bring the industry together. Over 1,200 people have descended on Evolution London to celebrate the best of the industry after a forced absence, providing a night that is more moving, inspiring and invigorating than ever.

Nick Keller, CEO of Benchmark said: “The Sport Industry Group business and brand have grown tremendously under Alex’s leadership. His knowledge and dedication to the sports industry is exemplary and so we are very happy that he remains connected to the company. I am also delighted to see how he continues to develop NSE and use his expertise to support the UK’s largest grassroots community.

Meanwhile, Dylan is well positioned to build on a brilliant platform and use his vast audio background to bring the Sports Podcast Awards, the latest addition to the Sport Industry Group to life.

Pugh joins along with two other newcomers to the Sport Industry Group team with Molly Reynolds, Project Executive and Brian Matovu, Content and Marketing Executive, expanding the roster (pictured above alongside Coulson and Pugh). The team behind the world’s largest commercial sports awards is also actively recruiting a Content and Marketing Manager.

Dylan Pugh, Managing Director, Sport Industry Group, said: “I am extremely excited for this opportunity, especially given the momentum we now have after finally hosting the industry together for the 2021 Sport Industry Awards. The energy around the venue – and the industry as a whole – was palpable and I can’t wait to build on this to move forward.

“Sport Industry Group has an amazing way of bringing people together, celebrating success and moving us forward collectively, and I look forward to building on the success that Alex and the rest of the team have built. . Especially now, with the Sports Podcast Awards, and as audio becomes an even more important part of our lives and our business. It’s a really exciting time.

“A big thank you to Alex, the entire Sport Industry Group team and Benchmark for this opportunity.”

Under Coulson Sport Industry Group has grown considerably and now has an impressive and diverse group of properties, all aimed at developing, inspiring and nurturing the sports industry.

Existing properties continue to have more impact each year, with Sport Industry Daily, Sport Industry Awards and Sport Industry NextGen now informing, honoring and educating more than ever, while the new properties have brought the industry increased digital tools and experiences.

Among them, Sport Industry Spotlight, a series of online and tailor-made events tailored to specific audiences and areas of expertise and Sport Industry Slack, which brought the industry together when needed. In the meantime, the recently launched Sports Industry Jobs Program now plays a crucial role as we all transition to a more balanced professional lifestyle.

Alex Coulson, Managing Director, NSE & Advisor, Sports Industry Group, added: “I am immensely proud and grateful for all that we have been able to accomplish at Sport Industry Group, and I can’t wait to see what Dylan and the team will do with the platform we already have.

“The company has changed dramatically over the past seven years – above all we value our privileged position at the heart of the sports business community. Sport Industry Group is perfectly placed to support the industry and collectively continue to grow and strengthen.

“I loved my time at Sport Industry Group, and the industry itself has been my home for a long time as well. Fortunately, however, I won’t go far and look forward to supporting on the sidelines and bringing the best of the sports industry to the esports community – and vice versa.

“A big welcome to Dylan and a big thank you to everyone I have worked with at Sport Industry Group, it has been a fantastic trip and I am happy that it continues. “