Sports betting at Oneida Casino postponed due to equipment delays


NBC 26 – Oneida Casino is set to become Wisconsin’s first casino to offer sports betting, but the start date has been pushed back due to delays in ordering equipment.

While the casino originally hoped to start sports betting by November 1, it now plans to start in mid-November.

“As everyone knows, there has been sort of a global crisis with the equipment and the chips you see in computers and the Oneida nation is not immune to that,” said Chad Fuss, Deputy Chief Financial Officer of Gaming Operations for the Oneida Nation. “We’re going through part of it, so due to some delays with some equipment, it’ll likely be mid-November.”
In July, Governor Tony Evers and the Oneida Nation signed an agreement allowing people to bet on sporting events at the tribe’s casino and other tribal facilities. The signing authorized sports betting for the first time in Wisconsin.

The deal has since been approved by the federal government, which means that it will now be completely legal to allow betting on professional sports league drafts, professional sporting events, including NFL games and of the NBA, and on nationwide televised awards shows.

Fuss says the casino has been told that the computer equipment it needs to start operating sports betting is currently out of stock, but the casino hopes to get started within the next two months.

“We plan to have it by next month, hopefully, and then we’ll have some time to install it,” Fuss said. “We expect it to be operational by mid-November.”

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