Sports industry giants select startups for pilots

LONDON, April 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The highly anticipated live sessions of HYPE Sports Innovation Global Virtual Accelerator (GVA) 2.0 DRAFT Startup Selection, took off with 52 major sports brands, clubs, leagues, federations and broadcasters, including Under Armor, Bundesliga, the French Football Federation, the main football clubs around the world, DAZN, Rogers, Sinclair, and multiple NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, and NFL teams spanning a total of 14 countries and over 10 sports. All of them have chosen to transform the experience they offer to their stakeholders.

The session gave a glimpse of what the future of sport will look like in 5 years! (and maybe even earlier …)

During the session, the partners announced the technologies and solutions they choose to focus on, such as AR / VR, Watch together solutions, 5G gamification, esports, and second screen technology from new generation to improve the fan experience, maximize sponsorship and increase reach.

Following the great success of the GVA campaign last year, over 1,400 startups applied for GVA 2.0 with the ultimate goal of securing pilots with top brands. This happened after 3 months of in-depth understanding of the needs and challenges of each of the partners, during which each partner spent an hour and discussed the areas in which they were looking for solutions and innovations. It was a revolutionary concept that, instead of focusing only on innovation, focused specifically on the real needs and challenges of sports brands. The next step was a virtual pitch day where each of the startups adapted their offers and solutions to the needs of respected partners. The 52 partners then had a week of deliberations to really dig deep into the solutions, before making their final selections at various selection shows or Drafts.

The selection of startups for the program is announced during HYPE DRAFTS, multi-day live virtual events that have already been hosted twice this week. The first took place on Tuesday, March 30, where more than 20 startups from the Performance and Fitness vertical were selected by leading partners such as Under Armor, Lululemon and FIBA, among others.

The second event took place on Wednesday March 31 for the Clubs and Federations and Media and Broadcast verticals, led by Ryan mccumber, program director of the two verticals. ALL of the 34 shortlisted startups were shortlisted by at least one of the 31 partners involved, further underscoring the unparalleled quality of the opportunities that HYPE’s programs provide for startups to take advantage of.

Many startups have been amazed to see their product / solution being pursued by the giants of the industry and also to see their years of hard work come to fruition., start-up based in Philadelphia and Bangalore, founded by Ashok karanth was selected by an astonishing number of 18 Partners including Sin??clair, DAZN, MIlwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia Phillies and the EPL Wolves among others Sizzle, ImagineAR (a publicly traded company that has joined the program), CatapultX and Bleachr have all been selected by 13 major sports brands to explore the establishment of a pilot project and commercial agreement. “The potential to now secure 18 or 13 new clients across the world in multiple sports in one program is really game-changing and something that sports technology accelerator programs or the startup ecosystem in general never have.” seen before. What we just did for these startups is amazing, but I wouldn’t even call many of these startups, many are late stage and mature companies, even publicly traded companies which is a testament to the uniqueness of the program design… everything about business results, ”said Ryan McCumber, HYPE GVA 2.0 Program Director.

Startups progressing through the program will now have the opportunity to benefit from three months of mentorship from top professionals in the industry, leading up to the pilot where they will collaborate with a variety of sports professionals, investors and mentors from around the world. whole.

The upcoming week will be kicked off by the DRAFT for the winter sports vertical on Wednesday April 7, followed by the Motor Sports DRAFT on Thursday April 8, before being concluded by the DRAFT Esports & Gaming + Sports Betting on April 12. If you are interested in seeing the upcoming drafts live, click here.

HYPE Sports Innovation is excited to complete the final steps before the start of GVA 2.0 and is determined to work towards a common goal, inspiring people’s lives with a love of sport and innovation.

HYPE Sports Innovation:

“We and our partners are focused on 2025 to ensure that sport and innovation will continue to impact people’s lives in ways that remain to be lived on,” said Amir Raveh, founder and president of HYPE Sports Innovation.

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