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FansUnite Entertainment Inc (OTCMKTS: FUNFF) (CNSX: FANS) provides technology solutions to the traditional online sports, esports, gaming and gambling industries. FansUnite has focused on developing its technology to provide the business with the foundation to generate significant revenue and the ability to expand into new jurisdictions. FansUnite wants to be the global leader in the online gaming industry by serving the entire industry through its technology.

FansUnite has several ways to generate capital. The company operates its own brands of online games / casinos for consumers. They also license their technology to other casinos and sports betting operators with a business-to-business (B2B) model.

Some betting markets, like the UK, are already mature and have big players dominating the space. FansUnite seeks to develop its brands in niche markets. A proven business plan. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, for example, is focused on the Scottish market and was able to generate record gaming revenues of close to C $ 1 million in the last quarter (a 136% increase year-over-year).

The company is looking to replicate that same kind of success in new markets. CEO Scott Burton has said Brazil is the next big market that FansUnite seeks to dominate. As Canadian regulators recently approved single sport betting, Canada could also become a new market, FansUnite technology could help break through.

Whether it’s sports, gaming, or casino games that tickle you, watch the full interview to see if FansUnite is the company to roll the dice on.

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