The best American brands will be presented at the 6th Sport Industry TT | Local sports

The presence of the Covid-19 pandemic and the dwindling resources available for sport nationwide are increasing the importance of the sports industry’s sixth annual TT, said the president of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee. Tobago (TTOC), Brian Lewis.

To be hosted on the digital Zoom platform on its traditional first Thursday in March (March 4), Lewis said the conference titled: “The Future is Now: The Implications of Covid-19 for the Sports Industry Is more important than ever.

“What has been interesting is that we have had tremendous interest from some important international players in the sports industry, especially the US market, some big brands and if we could identify them, this would be very interesting and stimulating because these presenters live … in this dynamic market of the sports industry, ”said Lewis, also president of the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC).

“So I think that in particular again, in the context of the recent press conference by the Minister of Finance (Colm Imbert), it is not difficult to envisage from a sports point of view that if, traditionally , sport has been at the bottom of the national priority, it is understandable that sports players have good reason to be concerned in such an environment.

Lewis notes that finding sustainable, action-oriented solutions and changing mindsets will be more crucial given the economic crisis facing the country. He says sports organizations will be forced to reinvent themselves.

Lewis, also president of the Commonwealth Games Association of Trinidad and Tobago (TTCGA), adds that the reality is that some National Sports Organizations (NSOs) lack the entrepreneurial skills and risk-taking to govern and manage. contemporary sports, with an additional backlash being a shrinking participation base.

“My real concern is the impact on athletes, development programs, youth and youth. Covid is unprecedented and also regressive in terms of gender, so it is going to have a negative impact on women in sport, and the unfortunate part about this is that the involvement of women in sport, the participation of women in sport and women’s need for products and services that are sport-related represented a growth opportunity for the sports industry, ”Lewis said.

That’s why Lewis thinks this edition is possibly the most important and could portend a watershed moment for T&T sport.

Sports and Community Development Minister Shamfa Cudjoe and Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat will be among the speakers at the event. Topics to explore during the 2.5-hour webinar include reexamining where and how sport takes place – with a focus on improving transparency, flexibility and resilience; what issues and problems are global and what global principles relate to whatever region; and unique thought-provoking ideas, action-oriented ideas and solutions that address the state of play and challenges the sports industry will face in the coming year.

The conference will also seek to answer the question: “The future of niche sports?

The conference will also look at the changing demands for sponsorship, sales, business development and monetization of sports assets.

Lewis envisioned that the later TTOC companies namely Team TTO TV, TEAM TTO MEDIA and TEAM TTO Marketing Ltd, registered as non-profit subsidiaries of TTOC, could potentially be involved in the streaming rights, films. , documentaries and scripted television as additional sources of income once the sport is packaged and presented to appeal to local audiences and those in the diaspora.

The TTO team’s first production was the TTOC 2020 Virtual Annual Awards which received positive feedback.