The hotel is transformed into a gambling den; 19 reserved


The Central Directorate of Crime (CCB) detectors attacked a Hotel in Upparpet and arrested 19 people on Thursday, including the hotel staff and a bartender involved in gambling and alcohol consumption inside the closed hotel.

Police received information from one of the members who was upset about losing his money gambling and notified the police after he left. Upparpet police received reports that around 17 people had gathered in a hotel room on the sixth floor of the Zion Hotel in Gandhinagar. They played cards and also ordered drinks from the open bar, police said.

At around 10:30 p.m., a police team raided the hotel and caught the men in the act. Police seized Rs 1 lakh cash which was used for gambling, as well as bottles of alcohol. Upon questioning the players, the police learned that the staff at the Vijay hotel and the bar responsible Sunil had organized the activity and although the hotel was closed to the public, these men were allowed entry.

Since they could not run their business, they had planned to spend their time indulging in gambling, police said citing the accused. They also told police they wore masks and maintained social distancing when playing.

Police seized Rs 101,040 in cash, three bottles of beer and a bottle of Jack Daniels as well as the maps and subjected all defendants to a covid test.

Based on a complaint filed by Hanumantaraya N, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (ACP) of the CCB’s Special Investigative Brigade, Upparpet Police also took up a case under the articles of the Police Act. Karnataka, the Karnataka Excise Law and also the National Law on Disaster Management (NDMA).

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