The potential of augmented reality in the online gaming industry


Online games are exploding and operators are always looking for innovative ways to stay ahead of the competition. This is attributed to an increase in player demand for technologically advanced and creative games and playing choices.

It is no longer enough to have video style gambling at your online casino to keep visitors engaged. As a casino owner, you must be on the lookout for innovative technology that will keep your players happy, engaged, and interested.

What is augmented reality and how does it work?

A digital environment built with pixels is known as augmented reality. It mimics the real world in some ways, but it can also be tweaked and supplemented to make it much better. It uses audio and other sensory stimuli, which are transmitted digitally or through the use of technology, in addition to producing images with pixels.

Applications for augmented reality have also been created for various purposes. DoodleLens, Adobe Aero, GoogleLens, and a variety of cosmetics and fashion apps are just a few examples. Healthcare, real estate, and even education have all benefited from technology. But what about online gambling?

Online game with augmented reality

AR online gaming sites have been available in one form or another for a long time, but technology has only just caught up with the concept. In July 2021, the first multi-tech, multiplayer AR casino platform was released.

It also introduced virtual reality and mixed reality in games like roulette, blackjack, and slots, in addition to these technologies. The developers have said they have more games in the works that will launch in due course, with a release date set for later in August. iOS and Android, as well as other operating systems, will be supported by the platform. They, like other proponents of AR technology, want to offer incentives to grab the attention of Gen X, Y, and Z gamers around the world.

One of the most compelling aspects of AR technology in gaming is that, unlike virtual reality, it doesn’t require the use of headsets or goggles. AR technology can be used without the use of additional software, making it more widely available.

Augmented reality and live dealer games

Classic casino games can incorporate augmented reality. It has the ability to transfer the users to a virtual casino where they can interact with many elements. But it’s when you play live dealer games that it really shines. This online gaming vertical has been one of the most dynamic in recent years, especially over the past 18 months.

The demand for interactive gaming choices has increased as many land-based casinos remain closed, restricted, or have closed completely. The demand for live dealer games is increasing, but the public increasingly expects greater technical progress. In live dealer games, augmented reality can give players the engagement they want while allowing them to connect to digital enhancements.

The use of augmented reality in live dealer games and other technologies will stimulate interest in online gambling. It will also lead to more time spent on the site, as well as more cross-selling opportunities.


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