Unlicensed and unregulated slots that attract trouble


Despite many criminality, understand murder, Targeting Without license When Unregulated location of slot machines NOT. Pennsylvania, Authorities mainly Ignore the result Allows the proliferation of machines.

When the Australian State Legislative Hearing, here State police When Licence When Legal games distributor Called More legislative support On the part of the authorities, it was only a discussion – no action.

In addition, the condition was Nothing to keep a minor child Far from the machine.

State Police say there are no recent enforcement actions against unlicensed

this week, Pennsylvania Police spokesperson Noted Play in Pennsylvania He was not aware of any execution measure by his institution during the past two months. The State Police are the primary law enforcement agency for unlicensed machines in Pennsylvania.

But maybe the lack of enforcement is changing.

Palestinian Authority Attorney General’s Statement on Unregulated Machines

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh ShapiroDesk Exclusively Noted Play in Pennsylvania A pending seizure case is currently pending.

The AG statement is as follows:

“A lot of these machines are illegal and business owners should think twice before placing them in a facility and engaging in criminal activity. The PA attorney general’s office is responsible for these illegal machines all over Pennsylvania. We support further steps in the General Assembly and further enforcement by law enforcement agencies at all levels to prevent the spread. In our office alone, there are currently 12 cases of confiscation of seized machines. There is more than one. “

This contrasts with a year ago. Shapiro then went to his office Stop the application Until the legislator or the court reveals the condition of the machine. Since then, neither lawmakers nor the courts have acted.

In May 2021, at a hearing in the Palestinian Authority Senate, a licensed video game terminal manager I took the responsibility For the widespread adoption of machines based on Shapiro’s moratorium policy.

Federal Criminality Related to Unauthorized Machines

Is here Partial list of documented crimes Items related to unlicensed, unregulated and untaxed machines:

  • December 12: Clerk Hazelton Murdered To facilitate theft $ 14,000 From behind the counter of the convenience store where he worked Illegal video poker machine exploited.. The alleged archer is awaiting trial.
  • 12 February: Group including Pennsylvania Soldier Assigned to casino details at Pocono Downs Casino Faced with the charges Illegal machine operation, money laundering, prostitution offer With him Sinner Swing Gentlemen’s Club. The decision is pending.
  • May 8: A man tries to break into a gambling machine in Philadelphia; when it fails, he demands a hammer, attacks a clerk, and I took the machine out of the store, The videotape was shown 6ABC show.
  • June 4: Four men in small town in Shenandoah, including school officials, accused of being openly active Illegal betting operations..But the survey January 17, 2020, And remain pending before the courts.
  • July 26: An invaded man American Legion In Scranton, according to 16ABC, Broken by machine Stole $ 700.. He also took an extra $ 100 at the bar.
  • August 7: Machines have been installed at two gas stations in northeast Philadelphia $ 4000.. NS 6ABC talks about theft He also mentions the additional theft of the machine, but details are limited and there is no exact date.

Unlicensed Machine “Magnet for Crime”

There has been a spate of machine-related crimes reported, but authorities have reported more crimes No It has been reported that the machine works best in gray areas.

A spokesperson for Casino Union, who opposes the spread of unregulated machines, Pete shelley, Noted Play in Pennsylvania Monday:

“So-called games of skill trigger simple and straightforward crimes. There are reports like this across the state, and more and more reports until a widespread crackdown on these illegal slot machines. Probably, the reports and photos of these children of crime and gambling should make it clear that these machines must go. “

Easily find unlicensed machines

Law enforcement agencies don’t always have a lot of trouble finding a functioning slot machine. On social media It advertises their exact location and often provides promotional incentives.

An example of an online list:

New PA skill machine Danville PA. Free drinks for players. Smoke and bow shop. Friendly staff! Bonus… they have a bathroom. Hours… Sunday to Thursday 9 am to 10 pm… Friday and Saturday 11 pm.

The address follows the gaming lounge post. The location is only 33 miles from Mohigan Sun Casino And that 1,728 Licence When Heavily taxed slot machine..

Lots of chat online about unlicensed machines

End of July Harrisburg woman I posted the following message to a social media group specializing in illegal slots.

Please… Stop playing games with your baby. Don’t play when your baby is with you!

Of course, the casino is not accessible to people of the following ages. twenty one On the playing field.

NOT. Facebook The post garnered hundreds of comments, ranging from irony to seriousness, on a members-only site.

Critique of illegal machine culture exposing children to play

Example of siding in the original post about players bringing children:

  • I have seen people let their little children sit on chairs and teach them / play for them.
  • Around us there are guys around us who take their kids on weekends like 5 or 6 years old and play games all weekend… I’m so angry to go and wait for your little girl impatiently. .
  • I hate it when I see my parents dragging their kids out to play the skill… especially late at night, at bedtime… addiction doesn’t give junk
  • I am far from my father this year, but it is a shame to drag your child into the vicious cycle of gambling. Gambling is as serious an illness as alcoholics and drug addicts. It ruins friendships, families and relationships. Some people steal, borrow, or lie to feed their addiction. Hundreds, if not thousands, have committed suicide under the stress of gambling, which is true (I know this from personal experience). We all lie about the gains and losses and the amount of money we spend. Idc who you are. Say what I said. You want to bet the bad guy has a babysitter. The cause of the introduction of a child to this is the danger of a legitimate child. There is a reason the casino is over 21 years old
  • Thank goodness I’m quitting playing it now. I had to call it a gambling addiction

Advocates of those who take their children to unlicensed slot machines

However, not everyone agreed and forbade taking children to illegal slot machine locations.

for example:

  • People need to care about their great business and their kids!
  • Have you ever thought housewives appreciate so much? I spend $ 20 a month to play a machine at a gas station. Yes, I am 6 months old. Sit right next to her car seat, relax for 10 minutes, rest your stress and your mind for a few minutes. Don’t be ashamed of your parents. We are not all perfect.
  • I’m not saying the game is good. But if id make my son more of a gamer than an acoustic or an addict, I grew up differently. As long as your bills are paid and you have extra cash. Bet is trying to make more money, but that’s my opinion. Everyone has their own addiction. Between smoking, drinking, taking drugs, cars, horses … it comes in all its forms. Some are just more expensive than others.
  • It’s a fucking gas station, not a bar. When we take our kids to the gas station of their choice, people stop playing like you’re parent of the year. Maybe you should bring them and hang out with your kids, and if you don’t have kids and don’t like to see or hear them like she said go to Dam Casino !!!!
  • You guys who take your kid to a fucking gas station and call him a bad parent (lmfao) start your own little parent group against your kid with a skill machine and fuck while you’re at it * * Get g Life…

Woman who made original post talks about exposing child to machine

NOT. Harrisburg 30-Something I posted about a player taking a kid using an unlicensed slot machine Play in Pennsylvania By telephone.

She’s been gone since Facebook Group later Harassment cases I asked her not to identify her by name on the site she posted.

“Hey you. I left the group!

But she Sometimes stay a player Instead of driving to the closest casino to her. She admitted that she knew these were not legal slots.

“They are in all the gas stations in my area! It is convenient. Just put your changes there.

The players say that some operators are “suspect”.

For example, she has a winning ticket $ 250However, the place claimed they couldn’t pay, claiming they didn’t have enough cash on hand to pay.

She also knows that most people have little or no security, so she usually goes out to play with someone and avoids playing after dark.

“Awesome!” She said when we told her Hollywood Casino Columbus Open this week .. The mini casino is about a 22 minute drive from it. It has 510 licensed slot machines.

She said she had just played locally a few days before accepting the interview.

Adults were playing it, probably with 3 and 4 year olds.

“They were climbing all over the machine,” she said.

Photo c / o Pennsylvania Police.

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