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Playing in online casinos is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, its popularity is increasing massively. There are a number of reasons for this: Games, services, and payment options are better and faster than ever, and new kinds of features are rolling out almost every month.

Bonuses and other perks are something players across Europe are looking at, but of course there are other features that are important as well. Thanks to the rapid development of technology, gamers can have fun more quickly and safely. But what is there to look for? What will the next casinos to come out look like?

Quick payouts and reasonable bonuses

Quick payment options are important. A prime example of casino markets with quick payout options as the main selling point right now is Finland. New casinos, or uudet casinot, as Finnish players call them, almost all support netbanking as their only means of payment. In Sweden there is a similar quick option for withdrawals and deposits, it is called BankID.

These types of payment options that allow players to deposit – and most importantly – withdraw money in seconds are also increasingly common in other parts of Europe. Here, however, development is slightly slower due to the different national banks and their processes.

Over the next two years, we expect that new payment methods will be developed and made available to the rest of Europe as well. Soon, Quick Payouts will be available to all of us, not just the lucky players in the North.

When it comes to bonuses, it has been clear for some time now that there is a need for more reasonable bonuses. At one point, the industry seemed to go crazy with bonus offers that could reach thousands of dollars. It wasn’t a sustainable way to get players and since then things have gotten to a more reasonable level. We are assuming that in the next couple of years bonus offers will follow the current level and maybe if we are lucky we will see new types of bonuses being developed as well.

The rise of live casinos

Live casinos have been popular since their inception. On the other hand, in the beginning, the majority of live casino games were traditional table games, such as blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. Back then, there weren’t many different types of games, so the popularity of live casinos was not as high as it is today. In the last few years we have seen completely new solutions for live casinos: game show type of casino games, which are attracting more players from all kinds of backgrounds. Even those who don’t enjoy card games are now tapping into live casino streams, enjoying various types of games such as Dream Catcher and Deal or No Deal Live.

In 2021 and 2022, players can look forward to even more game show-inspired live casino products. The focus will be on Evolution Gaming and its portfolio. Something great has to be revealed. In fact, something had already come to light at the start of the summer.

VR is slowly entering online casinos

When it comes to live casino games, we certainly have a lot to look forward to in 2021 and 2022. The first sign that things are getting really, really interesting was the launch of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt for live casinos.

This is something we’ve never seen before: a classic NetEnt character brought to life in a fantastic and visually stunning live casino game that includes the best parts of a slot machine and live games. What’s more, it can also be played with VR glasses!

If you are interested in virtual reality and live casinos, be sure to follow our articles closely. We expect things to move fairly quickly over the next 9 months. The release of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is just the beginning. When it comes to Evolution Gaming, there are big things to look forward to. The leading provider of live casino games has just acquired another great provider, Big Time Gaming. This will certainly lead to some great products that we can already enjoy in 2021 and 2022.

Casino streaming grows more

Live streaming has been around for at least a few years now. Twitch and YouTube have a lot of rising stars as we talk, play, and let others watch and comment. Over the next couple of years, live casino streaming will make great strides towards an even more immersive experience not only for the streamer but also for the viewers.

ComeOn Group has already shown great initiative in the development of casino streaming services. This is what they accomplished by introducing the markets to a new feature: WeSpin. It is a feature that allows casino players to join forces with streamers. Here, players can participate in the streamer’s session with their own bets. Once the session is over, the winnings will be split accordingly.

Simple solutions, happier players

If we look at what has happened in the casino industry over the past ten years, we can see tremendous advancements in technology. This applies both to the game providers with their products and to online casinos and their offerings as a whole. About five years ago the trend for casinos seemed to be gamification and massive bonuses, while today the movement is moving towards simpler solutions with both the design and the benefits of online casinos. .

Gamers seem to appreciate a simple design with straightforward features and quick payouts. This is something that we will certainly continue to see over the next couple of years in the casino markets. Simplicity and speed of service will be things that casinos offer and players expect. This is not a phenomenon observed only in the Nordic countries, but it will most likely spread throughout Europe. How is all this going to play out? We will monitor and report closely.

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