Why play against real dealers?


We are all familiar with the classic old school casinos where the dealers control the tables as they generate action by interacting with the guests. Having a live dealer makes any game more personal by allowing players to immerse themselves more in their game. With the emergence of online casinos, new players have become accustomed to playing their favorite games without dealers making them more detached. Perhaps due to lockdown or social distancing, live games are making a comeback, especially in the US or Canadian markets. It might be a good thing, but the reasons why casinos take this approach have more to do with business and profit than just making casino games cooler than usual.

Casinos adjust their business model

All of the major game companies have one long-term goal of making online and classic games so popular and profitable. Both options are available, both attract millions of customers, but the market has shifted to gaming websites in recent years, especially during pandemics. The introduction of live gambling has a social component, but indirectly it should popularize the regular casinos that suffered the most during the lockdown. American joints are opening up and Canadian live dealer casinos are also becoming very popular, bringing some balance to this market. The gaming industry listens to the wishes of gamers and acts accordingly.

Introducing live play is important for making friends with young gamers who have grown up playing all games in a digital world. They rarely or never visit regular casinos as they seek the fast-paced action and privacy of any online casino more than socializing. Introducing some human interaction to Canadian live casinos shows them the benefits of live entertainment, making them more open to live gambling. It’s by mixing these two worlds that game companies get the best of both worlds without having to choose between them. Judging by any recent criticism from Canadian or American players, live dealers have been unanimously accepted with pleasure and enthusiasm.

Benefits of live play

Interacting with casino dealers for poker or roulette game dealers makes a game more reliable and not just determined by a random number generator. Players feel more in control and their game becomes more immersive because they can communicate directly with their dealer. This is bad news for any gamer who enjoys slots, free spins, or bonus chips, as live slots still don’t require a dealer. This doesn’t mean that game companies won’t present one if they see it as profitable. Anything other than slots has already come online as players enjoy a more intimate game that gives them a better house edge, as well as a chance to socialize while they play.

Disadvantages of live play

For those who enjoy convenience and privacy, live trading might not be their best option, as many of us prefer to enjoy our games without real dealers. Many people enjoy their games without any company, with just them, their laptop, and a refreshing drink by their side. These players will not post a friendly live dealer review, but if you like to play solo, this is your choice. For more reserved players, this kind of game is too distracting, plus it takes too much time. They prefer to play as many hands as possible rather than socialize with an unfamiliar face for a few hours which is why they choose the classic casino game.

Live gambling is making a comeback in every online casino on the net, so get used to interacting with the dealers because they are not going anywhere. If you like to play roulette or poker, mixing with croupiers is inevitable, and it can benefit you in many ways. Live action helps you play responsibly, gain more control over your bankroll, and adds a human touch to any game. Maybe this will inspire new players to try real mortar and brick casinos at times. when they feel like going out and not playing on their laptop. Feel free to experiment which game is best for you, but be sure that you will see more and more live online games in the future.


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