Wigan Athletic and Stadimax win Sports Industry Award for Fan Engagement

Club executive Mal Brannigan and #BELIEVE project manager David Chaplin received the award during the final ceremony at Evolution London on Thursday evening.

This award recognizes their commitment to fan engagement since Phoenix 2021 Limited became the Club’s caretakers in March 2021, creating a unique model in English football.

Brannigan said, “This award is further deserved recognition for our staff’s commitment to ensuring that fan engagement and innovation are at the heart of our operations.

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Wigan Athletic and Stadimax win Sports Industry Award for Fan Engagement

“We are committed to earning the trust of supporters, to stabilizing ourselves for the future and have said that our actions will speak louder than our words on day one as we become Wigan Athletic’s caretakers.

“We are delighted that a genuine relationship between players, staff and supporters has been established, which is probably our club’s greatest strength, in terms of the way everyone associated with Wigan Athletic is involved. in our journey and play their own important role.

“This award is as much about supporting the founders of FansFund as it is about recognizing those who started the initiative within the Club.

“I would like to congratulate our partners at Stadimax and the staff involved in the launch and operation of the #BELIEVE FansFund; their dedication to creating an innovative way to engage with our supporters has been rightly recognized.

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The FansFund is an unprecedented initiative in English football, where supporters can directly influence the strength of the club’s football operation through a monthly subscription.

This helps improve football operations across the academy, sports science and high performance.

Over 1,600 Latics supporters have become FansFund founders in the last 12 months.

He has played a key role in helping fans reconnect with the club, especially those who cannot attend matches on a regular basis.

Founders around the world enjoyed Zoom calls with first-team players and club management staff, while exclusive prizes and competitions allowed them to win cashless experiences.

Wigan fought off competition from Cardiff City FC, Chelsea FC, Aston Martin, Heineken and Pepsi in the final to claim their prize.